Character Production Company/Director Date

Feature Films
The Dilemma Howard Buckman Heartless Prod./Ron Howard 2010
Cash Mr. Polski Three Good Men/Stephen Anderson 2010
Merry Gentleman Lester Genius Ent./Michael Keaton 2008
In the Name of God FBI Agent Geo Films/Shoaib Mansoor 2008
Stranger Than Fiction Homeless Man Crick Pictures/Mark Forster 2006
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With Bum Sawin’ & Puddin’ Prod./Jeff Garlin 2006
Let’s Go to Prison Derek Carsey-Warner/Bob Odenkirk 2006
Under the City Porn Camera Man Hyde Park Films/Adam Golomb 2006
Bad City Fat Tony Political Animal/Bruce Terris 2004
Relative Evil Uncle Ernie Fair Ball Prods./Tanya Wexler 2001
Just Visiting Hot Dog Vendor Hollywood Pictures/Jean Gaubert 2001
A Stir of Echoes Lenny Artisan Pictures/David Koepp 1999

AB- Winston Gravity Collaborative/Daniel Klein 2013
Good People Ernie Taproot Prod./Alex LeMay 2008
How to Handle a Stalker The Stalker Punch Films/John Cuneo 2006
King of the Tango Mr. Deebs Philka/Karen Frieberg 2004
The Incorruptible of Bell & Devon Manny Olsen Exus Films/Anthony Collamati 2003

Shameless: Frank the Plank Episode Davey Warner Bros. Ent./John Wells 2011
Prison Break: Odd Man Out Episode Jimmy Bagwell 20th Century Fox/Bobby Roth 2005
Walker, Texas Ranger: Faith Episode Detective Sills CBS/Amadea Film/Michael Preece 2000
The Untouchables: Stadt Episode Adolf Hitler Paramount/John McPherson 1994
America’s Most Wanted: Belpulsi Segment Jeff Belpulsi FOX/STF/Tom Finnerty 1990
Under the Biltmore Clock Dancing Couple Rubicon Films/Neil Cox 1986
The Roommate Greg Dawson Rubicon Films/Neil Cox 1984

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