Play Character Theatre/Director Date
The Diary of Anne Frank Mr. Dussel Milwaukee Rep/K J Sanchez 10/12
The Iceman Cometh*** Ed Mosher Goodman Theatre/Robert Falls 05/12
Mr. Rickey Calls A Meeting Branch Rickey Lookingglass Theatre/Nicole Brooks 01/12
To Kill A Mockingbird, 2010 Bob Ewell Steppenwolf/Hallie Gordan 10/10
Moon for the Misbegotten * Phil Hogan First Folio/Alison Vesley 04/09
Celebrity Row Ted Kazinsky American Theatre/DavidCromer 11/08
A Big Blue Nail Commander Peary Victory Gardens/Loy Arcenas 02/08
The Puppetmaster of Ludz* Finkelbaum Writer’s/Jimmy McDermott 03/07
Execution of Justice Jos. Freitas D.A. About Face/Gary Griffin 01/07
The Madness of E. A. Poe Edgar Allen Poe First Folio/Alison Vesley 10/06
Room Service Sasha/Senator Blake Kansas City Rep./Jeff Steitzer 06/06
The Bird and Mr. Banks Mr. Banks Live Bait/Alex Harvey 04/06
Coast of Chicago Dzia Dzia Walk About/Gary Zabinski 01/06
Casanova Casanova Collaboraction/Kim Senior 10/05
Rembrandt’s Gift Rembrandt Madison Rep./Richard Corley 09/05
Suburban Motel Phillie Famous Door/David Cromer 05/05
Underneath the Lintel The Librarian Noble Fool/John Gawlik 01/05
Fastest Clock in the Universe Captain Tock Red Orchid/Dado 11/04
The Shaggs:
Philosophy of the World
Austin Wiggin Lookingglass/John Langs 05/04
Speaking in Tongues Pete Famous Door/Calvin MacLean 03/04
The Front Page Diamond Louie
Mr. Pincus
Kansas City Rep/Larry Carpenter 10/03
The Sign of the Four Jonathon Small Apple Tree/Steve Pickering 06/03
The Cider House Rules I , II *, *** Dr. Wilbur Larch Famous Door/Cromer & Grapey 01/03
Entertaining Mr. Sloane Eddie Next/Jason Leowith 11/02
Drinking with Harry on Rush Keith Aardvark/Lila Strommer 08/02
The Old Man’s Friend Jeff Silverman Victory Gardens/Dennis Zacek 06/02
To Kill A Mockingbird 2002 Bob Ewell Collaboraction/Anthony Mosely 03/02
A Midsummer’s Night Dream Peter Quince Shakespeare Rep/Gary Griffin 02/02
The Birthday Party Stanley Webber Apple Tree/Cecilie Keenan 12/01
They All Fall Down:
The Richard Nickel Story
Richard Nickel Lookingglass/Jessica Thebus 10/01
Disciple Sam WalkAbout/Gary Zabinski 08/01
Piano Radish Court/Charles Newell 05/01
Twelfth Night Feste Court/Karin Coonrod 05/01
Betty’s Summer Vacation Mr. Vanislaw Roadworks/David Cromer 01/01
The Invention of Love Prof. Jowett Court/Charles Newell 09/00
1776 Caesar Rodney Drury Lane/Ray Frewen 05/00
The Homecoming Uncle Sam Famous Door/Gary Griffin 01/00
Ghetto *** Hermann Kruk Famous Door/Calvin MacLean 11/99
The Tall Ships Geoffrey Hoeverstandt Live Bait/Gary Griffin 09/99
Two Planks and a Passion Geoffrey LeKolve Famous Door/Abigal Deser 04/99
Disappeared Elston Rupp Roadworks/Abigal Deser 02/99
Hellcab Cabbie Famous Door/Dado 09/98
The Angels of Lemnos* Girtie Colter Chicago Dramatists/
Robbin Stanton
Romeo & Juliet Friar Lawrence Shakespeare Rep/Kim Rubenstein
A Yard of Sun Cesare Scapare Famous Door/Marc Grapey 10/97
The Living *** Reverend Vincent Famous Door/Calvin MacLean 01/97
Golden Boy Eddie Fusselli Steppenwolf/David Cromer 10/96
The Dali Lama Goes Three For Four *,** The Dalai Lama Famous Door/Dan Rivkin 06/96
Play/Buckets o' Beckett Man Splinter Group/Matt O'Brian 04/96
Judgement Andrei Vukov Paradox/Gary Zabinski 05/95
Ripe Conditions Lester Victory Gardens/Sandy Shinner 05/93
The Skin of Our Teeth Fred/Wooly Mammoth Goodman Theatre/David Petrarca 10/92
Zero Positive Prentice Cloud 42/Patrick Trettanero 03/92
The Chicago Conspiracy Trial Dick Schultz Remains Theatre/Frank Condon 09/91
Still Waters Orvis Beech Victory Gardens/Sandy Shinner 03/91
Marat/Sade Jean-Paul Marat New Crime/Paul Quinn 04/90
La Svengali Svengali Live Bait/Amy Ludwig 02/90
Methusalem Monkey/Id New Crime/John Cusack 09/89
Oedipus: A Requiem Oedipus Blind Parrot/David Perkins 03/89
The Living Newspaper Ensemble Blind Parrot/David Perkins 11/88
Othello Iago Chicago Shakespeare/Bill Payne 09/88
Bloody Poetry George Lord Byron Blind Parrot/Norma Saldivar 03/88
Gogol: A Mystery Play Anton Messmer Blind Parrot/David Perkins 11/87
Three Variations on the Theme of Pain Lenny the Mailman Blind Parrot/Norma Saldivar 06/87
Artaud at Rodez * Antonin Artaud Blind Parrot/Norma Saldivar 11/86
Hell of a Mess Jack Blind Parrot/David Perkins 08/86
Easter Ellis Blind Parrot/David Perkins 03/86
The Call The Husband Blind Parrot/Nick Scalzo 09/83
Sexual Perversity in Chicago Danny Blind Parrot/Scott Grannan 06/82
Innocent Thoughts/Harmless Intentions Next Theatre/Harriet Spizziri

*Joseph Jefferson Awards
-2009 Actor in a Principal Role "Moon for the Misbegotten"
-2007 Actor in a Principal Role "Puppetmaster of Ludz" (Nominated)
-2003 Actor in a Principal Role "Cider House Rules I & II"
-1998 Actor in a Supporting Role "Angel of Lemnos" (Nominated)
-1996 Actor in a Revue "Hitting for the Cycle"
-1986 Actor in a Principal Role "Artaud at Rodez" (Nominated)

**1997 After Dark Award for Performance "Hitting for the Cycle"

2012 Award for Production "The Iceman Cometh"
2012 Award for Ensemble "The Iceman Cometh"
2003 Award for Production "Cider House Rules I & II"
2003 Award for Ensemble "Cider House Rules I & II"
2000 Award for Production "Ghetto"
1997 Award for Production "The Living"

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