by A. Hackett/F. Goodrich
at Milwaukee Repertory - Mr. Dussel

"Larry Neumann Jr. is terrific as a cranky but complicated Mr. Dussel"
~Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 11/12

"Making his Rep debut is another Chicagoan, Larry Neumann Jr. who plays a dentist...He is a wonderful comedian and it would be great if we could lure him back to Milwaukee for further work."
~Dave Begal, 11/12


by Eugene O’Neil
at Goodman Theatre - Ed Mosher

"The Iceman Cometh” depends for its power on a full stage of actors capable of bringing O’Neill’s roiling depiction of the lower depths of 1912 New York to satisfying life-which is to saying life. Mr. Falls s superbly cast production contains as many great performances as I’ve seen in a single show in years, certainly more than I saw in any Broadway show of the past, imperfect season."
~Charles Isherwood, New York Times 5/12

"this Iceman is overwhelmingly an ensemble triumph."
~Tony Adler, Chicago Reader 5/12

"Falls directs an impressive ensemble cast of characters— with lies, dreams and strong drink never far from hand...a formidably intense ensemble of actors whose demons rage before you for close to five hours."

"it's worth pausing to note that "The Iceman Cometh" at the Goodman Theatre will, whatever does or does not happen in the future, stand tall as one of the most significant productions in Chicago theater history. The ensemble acting in this production was utterly formidable in its human veracity and theatrical intensity — hauntingly so, in fact. I'm surely not alone in the way these performances have stayed with me these last few weeks. Frankly, I don't want to single out anyone, because the achievement was fundamentally collective. It was impossible to sit in a seat without knowing that you were watching a group of men and women doing the best work of their careers."
~Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune 5/12


by Ed Schmidt
at Lookingglass Theatre - Branch Rickey

"...director J. Nicole Brooks, has recruited a galvanic “all-star” team of six actors, each worthy of a special pennant all their own. Rickey, the president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers (Larry Neumann Jr., in a portrayal that captures the shrewd, determined and unblinking personality of a man making a bold and highly controversial move)."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 1/12

"The night works because Brooks and her actors step out from beyond the usual confines of a 90-minute, hotel room drama with much speechifying and not only play risky ball with one another, but also spar as if they are all stuck in a real-time ring, with none of them knowing what the others are about to do."
~Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune 1/12


by Christopher Sergel
at Steppenwolf - Bob Ewell

"...fearlessly and effectively played by Larry Neumann Jr. with a chilling realism. ...the tension and hatred are so palpable that the audience literally gasps."
~Dennis Polkow, New City 10/10

"...most outstanding in this altogether gifted cast are the damaged and dangerous Ewells. Larry Neumann, Jr. brilliantly creates Bob Ewell as a monster of the first order, manifesting sinister in his silence and his speech."
~Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review 10/10

by Eugene O’Neil
at First Folio - Phil Hogan

"...Larry Neumann, Jr. takes the top honors with his gritty, incorrigible and delightfully scheming portrayal of Phil Hogan. His Irish brogue is thick but completely understandable, and he manages to create the most interesting three-dimensional character on stage."
~Joe Stead, Chicago Stage 4/09

"...Filled with O’Neill’s poetic language spoken in Irish dialects, A Moon for the Misbegotten is a powerful and emotionally draining tragedy that saddens us deeply. This is a great play, masterfully directed by Alison C. Vesely, with three of the finest performances by Larry Neumann, Jr., Erin Noel Grennan and Christian Gray—that I’ve seen on stage in Chicago in many a moon! O’Neill would be proud of this production. It is one of the finest shows of 2009!"
~Tom Williams, Chicago Critic 4/09


by Itamar Moses
at American Theatre - Ted Kaczynski

"...the airtight ensemble of take-no-prisoners actors delivers such riveting performances you might begin wishing there were a protective wall between the stage and audience... Larry Neumann Jr., in a manic performance of such genius you wish he could turn it into a one-man show on "The Unabomber"
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 11/08

"...every last one of these actors is brilliant, as was already stated, but it must be noted that the audience will leave the production both terrified and, possibly sleepless with the eerie similarity and tortured-ness that Larry Neumann, Jr. brings to the role of Ted Kaczynski. A must see for people who want to be challenged and rewarded for accepting the journey."
~Blythe Landry, Edge Chicago 11/08

by Carlyle Brown
at Victory Gardens - Robert Peary

"... gaunt, haunted-eyed Larry Neumann Jr. in one of those towering performances he delivers on a regular basis "
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 2/08

"...Larry Neumann, Jr. is one of Chicago's finest character actors and takes on roles that challenge his very being, but always manages to succeed with his flawless portrayals. Anthony Fleming III is a powerful Matthew Henson and they play off each other very well."
~Al Bresloff, Epoch Times 2/08

"...The show's best moments involve the vigorous exchanges between Neumann -- one of Chicago's most thoughtful actors in that you can see him reasoning and evaluating -- and Fleming, a potent, impassioned actor. Their performances reveal men striving for the same thing: significance. For one nothing less than world adoration will suffice. For the other, it takes the validation of just one man. This is the heart of "A Big Blue Nail"
~Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald 2/08

by Gilles Segal
at Writers Theatre - Finkelbaum

"...The play is a magnificent theatrical achievement featuring a tour de force performance by Larry Neumann Jr. as Finkelbaum the puppetmaster. Neumann rendered such an honest, courageous and thoroughly human portrait of the guilt-ridden Auschwitz survivor. This is a tremendous performance by Neumann who excels as both actor and puppetmaster."
~Tom Williams, 3/07

"...First produced in the 1980s, "Puppetmaster" has arrived here with meticulous, absurdist-tinged direction of Jimmy McDermott, an altogether peerless performance by actor Larry Neumann Jr. as Finkelbaum and eerily poetic puppets by Michael Montenegro."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 3/07

"...Many Chicago area theater patrons have witnessed some fine performances by Larry Neumann, Jr. over the years, but the role he is presently playing in Writers' Theatre's Chicago premiere of "The Puppetmaster of Lodz" is by far his greatest challenge and he handles it to perfection."
~Al Bresloff, Epoch Times 03/07

"...What makes this piece compelling is the room it allows Larry Neumann Jr. simply to inhabit Finkelbaum inhabiting his flat--telling his loving, painful tale with the help of Michael Montenegro's miraculous rag-and-wire puppets."
~Tony Adler, Chicago Reader 03/07

"...Kudos to Larry Neumann Jr.'s spectacular portrayal of a mind that has refused to go where it cannot go and for his uncanny ability to make household items become seemingly living, breathing beings through physically manipulating them and often even voicing their thoughts."
~Dennis Polkow, New City 03/07

"...How does a Holocaust survivor restore his faith in God? How does a man retain his humanity in the face of such horror? And how does the artist respond to it all? Those are the questions underscoring Gilles Segal's riveting drama about a Jewish artist and puppeteer who escapes from a concentration camp and hides for years in an attic apartment unwilling to believe the war is over. Larry Neumann Jr. gives a tour-de-force performance as the puppetmaster Finkelbaum."
~Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald 03/07

by David Rice
at First Folio - Edgar Allen Poe

"......the genteel Virginia accent and patrician stance, the strained expression and distracted manner that falls somewhere between madness and grief all add up to an exceptional performance. Neumann’s brooding interpretation of "The Raven" his invigorating performance of the lush musical "The Bells" reveal an actor reveling in his character. Kudos. "
~Barbara Vitello, Chicago Daily Herald 10/06

"...Neumann’s soliloquy and his magnificent use of silence and vocal cadences in an ever-so-slight Southern accent send the audience’s imaginations into overdrive."
~Dennis Polkow, New City 10/06

by Allen Boretz & John Murray
at Kansas City Rep. - Sasha/Senator Blake

by Keith Huff
at Live Bait - Mr. Banks

"...Neumann is a wonder at creating a character that’s part Don Knotts and part John Wayne Gacy."
~Catey Sullivan, Pioneer Press 4/06

"...Larry Neumann Jr. is delightfully creepy as the bean counter...Huff's gifted wordplay and Neumann's galvanizing performance, focus attention on the piece's morbid allure..."
~Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader 4/06

"...having demonstrated their artistic traction in last season’s The Fastest Clock In The Universe at Red Orchid, Larry Neumann, Jr., and Katlyn Carlson never stumble or lose their footing, no matter how slippery their plot."
~Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times 4/06

by Stuart Dybek adapted by Laure Eason
at WalkAbout Theatre, Lookingglass - Dzia Dzia

"...This Polish-bred, Chopin- loving and wholly eccentric grandfather, Dzia Dzia ...Larry Neumann Jr. in a brilliant, tragicomic portrait of an Old Country carryover stuck in America."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 1/06

by Tina Howe
at Madison Repertory - Rembrandt

"Fortunately, as Rembrandt, Larry Neumann Jr. is captivating. He delivers emotional depth and truth…"
~Gayle Worland, 9/05

by Glen Berger
at Noble Fool - The Librarian

"...there are not many actors who could hold the stage for 90 minutes as Neumann does but then there are not many actors who can play such a wide range of emotions and have such control. From the moment he steps on stage, Neumann is utterly convincing and utterly fascinating."
~Jack Helbig, Chicago Daily Herald 1/05

"...As performed by the exceptional Larry Neumann Jr., Berger's story of a librarian's quest to determine the origin of a book returned 113 years overdue is even more moving than it is thought provoking, though Neumann also knows how to make the most of the script's plentiful wit and wordplay."
~Kelly Kleiman, Chicago Reader 1/05

"...When you have an actor such as Larry Neumann, Jr. in the solo role, it's a safe bet you're in for a good show and he doesn't disappoint. Neumann's pleasantly bland looks coupled with his signature intensity and comic instincts are perfectly matched to the material."
~Jonathan Abarbanell, Windy City Times 1/05

by Philip Ridley
at A Red Orchid - Captain Tock

" the Captain, Larry Neumann Jr. proves once again that he’s one of the most gifted comedians in Chicago."
~Web Behrens, Chicago Free Press 11/04

"...But the evening belongs to Larry Neumann Jr., whose fey, shriveled Captain Tock is a careful and lovely accomplishment. It's devastating to watch him fawn over Cougar, who will merely punish him for his loyalty. And though the Captain has received the least love of any of the characters, he understands it the best, speaking gently of the nature of true beauty while bathed in the glow of Cougar's 19 birthday candles."
~Christopher Piatt, Chicago Reader 11/04

"...But the wild ride is all here, and the actors are on fire: Neumann, always brilliant, gives one of those haunting and haunted performances that will not easily be erased"
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 11/04

conceived by Joy Gregory, Gunnar Madsen and John Langs
at Lookingglass - Austin Wiggin

"...Larry Neumann Jr.’s performance as Mr. Wiggin is another star turn for this talented local actor. Once again he surprises us with his honesty, his intensity and his amazing ability to totally disappear into his role."
~Jack Helbig, Chicago Daily Herald 5/04

by Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur
at Kansas City Rep - Diamond Louie / Mr. Pincus

by Shang Hi Low Theatricals
at Apple Tree - Jonathon Small

"...and then there is Larry Neumann Jr., an actor in a class by himself. Neumann (who earlier this year starred as Dr. Larch in "The Cider House Rules") is the drama's linchpin. He appears pale, thin, bearded and strapped to a peg leg, and casts an immensely powerful and convincing spell as he tells a crucial story. A true magician, Neumann can make time stream backward."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 6/03

"...The intense, subtle Larry Neumann Jr. makes the climactic confession of a peg-legged miscreant, played to the hilt, the show's high point. What a Holmes he would be."
~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader 6/03

adapted by Tom Hulce and Peter Parnell
at Famous Door - Dr. Wilbur Larch

"...the small, gaunt, white-haired Neumann, one of this city's most remarkable actors, is at once flinty and fervent, rational and possessed,"
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 1/03

"...they’ve rounded up some of the finest actors in town for this heartfelt, funny, wise and unnerving tale. Larry Neumann Jr. cements his reputation as a local treasure with his performance as Dr. Wilbur Larch..."
~Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader 1/03

"...but the spine and sinew of the show is Larry Neumann, Jr.'s phenomenal portrayal of the multifaceted Dr. Larch."
~Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times 1/03

by Joe Orton
at Next - Eddie

"...Larry Neumann Jr. incapable of giving an uninteresting performance. He is brilliant..."
~Dan Zeff, Copley News Service 11/02

"...Best of all is Neumann, with his steel-stiff posture, clenched jaw, and measured, deliberate verbal inflections. Where Kath's interest in Sloane is instantly evident, Ed's homosexuality emerges slowly, coming back to life after a long hibernation. Neumann plays each beat like a miser counting out pennies to pay for a long desired feast, letting us share his growing anticipation."
~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader 11/02

by Christopher Sergel
at Collaboraction - Bob Ewell

"...the formidable Larry Neumann, a virtual wizard at playing the disenfranchised, does not disappoint...his Bob Ewell drips with evil ..."
~Rick Reed, Windy City Times 3/02

"...Larry Neumann Jr. is a snarling monster, a cracker matched in pathos by Kaitlin Byrd as his deeply damaged daughter."
~Larry Bommer, Chicago Reader 3/02

by Harold Pinter
at Apple Tree - Stanley Webber

"...Neumann ... manages to be the perfect cipher here–a psychopath, a self-destructive artist, ... a garden-variety masochist–he keeps you guessing."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 12/01

"...If anyone can make this production work it's Larry Neumann Jr., who's demonstrated an extraordinary range over the past decade...his Stanley is never less than compelling,"
~Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader 12/01

adapted by Laura Eason and Jessica Thebus
at Lookingglass - Richard Nickel

"...the pure heartbeat of the show comes, however, from Neumann. An actor with a long Chicago history, he has achieved true glory in this role. In his acting, as a fierce, fussy, eccentric visionary, Neumann has created the equivalent of Nickel’s photography. His portrayal is simple, correct, beautiful, and, finally, inspiring."
~Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune 10/01

"...Neumann's bravura performance is the show's crowning achievement. It's no easy task to make us fall in love with an irritating fellow devoid of social graces. At first Neumann pitches his voice at an unnaturally high volume, suggesting that Nickel doesn't really know how he comes across. But when Nickel describes looking at a particular piece of Sullivan's, calling it "the pleasure of my life," Neumann's voice drops for the first time to a warm, natural tone."
~Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader 10/01

"...Larry Neumann, Jr., one of the city’s most transcendent actors, encompasses Nickel’s nervously stoic honoring of his almost divine calling."
~Lucia Mauro, Chicago Theatre 10/01

by John Lisbon Wood
at WalkAbout - Sam

"Disciple, now in a production by the Walkabout Theater Company, focuses on desperately lonely misfits who believe they've found their soul mate, if only fleetingly. It features the veteran Chicago actors and real-life husband-and-wife team of Larry Neumann Jr. and Sandy Borglum as lonely urban creatures who encounter each other in a bar and continue talking into the wee small hours. The fine actors, directed by Gary Zabinski, seem to have a direct line to their mercurial characters."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 8/01

"Sam and Rita are played by two real-life married Chicago acting Stalwarts, the wonderfully low-key Larry Neumann Jr. and Sandy Borglum who telescopes Rita’s nervous energy and hunger. Disciple is a showcase for these two fine thespians who give us astonishingly layered and real performances"
~Rick Reed, New City 08/01

by William Shakespeare
at Court - Feste

"...but it’s Neumann–an actor of superb intelligence and cunning–who stands alone and sings the haunting ode to lost innocence ... with palpable bitterness and repressed rage for a loveless solo life."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 5/01

by Harold Pinter
at Famous Door - Uncle Sam

"...Larry Neumann Jr., who, yet again, turns in a chillingly perfect portrayal."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 1/00

"...THERE'S a darkness that lingers long after the actors have taken their final bow in the Famous Door Theater's production of Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming"...Max's brother Sam, a rather effeminate, delicate man who works as a chauffeur, is beautifully portrayed by Larry Neumann Jr."
~Chicago Jewish Star 1/00

by Joshua Sobel
at Famous Door - Hermann Kruk

"...A nerve-tingling hush descends over an audience when a powerful play's spell comes to an end. And often it feels as if the brilliant world just conjured onstage might be cheapened by ordinary applause...the wise librarian and ghetto chronicler Kruk (Larry Neumann Jr., an actor of incomparable fervor and subtlety, in peak form)"
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 11/99

"Larry Neumann Jr. virtually channels the soul of Kruk, the firebrand librarian whose journal preserved the memory of Vilna."
~Larry Bommer, Chicago Reader 11/99

by Sharon Evans
at Live Bait - Geoffrey Hoeverstandt

"...Neumann-an actor who continually takes your breath away with the invisible magic of his art-builds his character with the precision that Geoffrey obviously lavished on the construction of his ship models."
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 9/99

"Evans here exhibits a brave new emotional depth in her writing that's matched by the delicately nuanced performances of Laura Scott Wade as Sara and Larry Neumann Jr. as Geoffrey. Every detail of gesture, vocal inflection, and facial expression in the couple's cross-country conversation registers a mountain of emotional complexity, revealing two intelligent, deeply conflicted people, capable of happiness and humor yet keenly aware of the dark currents that can set people on the road to sorrow and self-destruction."
~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader 9/99

by Phyllis Nagy
at Road Works - Elston Rupp

"...he’s the most interesting of the bizarre characters in this strange story, and, as played with a combination of innocent sensitivity and creepy intensity by Larry Neumann, Jr., he’s the chief reason for sitting through the play."
~Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune 2/99

"’s at that bar that she meets Elston Rupp (Larry Neumann Jr., who confirms his reputation as one of the city’s most intriguing and mesmeric actors), a strange little man in a tuxedo, the manager of a thrift shop where he borrows the donors’ clothes and identities."
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 2/99

"...Larry Neumann Jr. as Elston is excellent as usual, giving his character just the right creepy edge, keeping us wondering whether Elston might indeed be the world's most good-hearted murderer."
~Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader 2/99

by Will Kern
at Famous Door - The Cabbie

"...this Hellcab is the most moving. Neumann's cabdriver is not full of stifled rage like Paul Dillon's, nor is he cynical and apparently drugged out like Rich Cotovsky's. He's just a martyr to his job. Overworked and overwhelmed, Neumann's Christ-like driver meets every challenge with the same resigned exhaustion--an approach that makes the character at once more vulnerable, more likable, and funnier in a very bittersweet way."
~Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader 9/98

by Jim Henry
at Chicago Dramatists - Gertie Colter

"...two performances stand out. ...Neumann, one of the city’s finest actors - though he rarely works in the "big" theatres - gives a bittersweet portrayal of Girtie, another homeless soul."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 3/98

by Christopher Fry
at Famous Door - Cesare Scapare

"...That is, until Neumann enters. From the moment he appears as Cesare Scapare, returning to Siena in rags from a prisoner-of-war camp, he establishes an entire history. Suddenly a community forms; Neumann visibly defines his relationships with everyone onstage. The power relations among these people, which until now have merely been discussed, become palpably real. And in his final 28 lines, Neumann elucidates Fry's poetry without sacrificing his drama. Neumann's superb performance would be exceptional in almost any American production of this play,"
~Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader 10/97

by Eric Overmeyer
at Famous Door - The Dali Lama

"...Neumann has the body and bristling comic intelligence that has always given him a monklike stage presence. He’s custom made for Samuel Beckett (and was splendid in a couple of short plays during Splinter Group’s Beckett Festival). But his whimsy really has a chance to shine, along with his shaved head as the Tibetan holy man who delves into the more mystical aspects of baseball. There is a mischief at the start, performed with brilliance and relish, but when matters become more grave, he makes us listen. It’s a delightful turn."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 6/97

by Samuel Beckett
at Splinter Group - The Man

"...Performed with mind-boggling speed, clarity and precision by Larry Neumann Jr. as the man-in-the-middle...If this is not Hell, Beckett suggests, it’s surely the vaudeville stage of its ante-room."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 4/96

by Barry Collins
at Café Voltaire - Andrei Vukov

"Judgement" is a tour de force for the right actor-and Larry Neumann, Jr. one of the best and most idiosyncratic artists in off-Loop theatre is never less than superb. Neumann gives a performance of steely control and is unforgettably gripping."
~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader 5/95

"...Judgement bears down on an audience like a joint nightmare. This stark one-man show combines the most macabre imaginings of Poe with an appallingly accurate psychological realism-elements heightened by Larry Neumann Jr. into a chilling acting triumph."
~Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Tribune 5/95

"...Neumann’s Vukov is passionate, genuinely frightening...The production’s strength is Neumann’s depth as an actor, which allows him to exhibit both his genuine self-horror and to poke fun at the audience’s horror over his actions."
~Elizabeth Wallace, New City 5/95

by John Ragir
at Live Bait - Svengali

"...Fortunately Larry Neumann Jr., with his neurasthenic intensity and sepulchrally sallow face, makes Svengali's plight more than melodrama. (He also gives a whole new meaning to the concept of voice control.) Neumann's spellbinding Svengali is a sad, congealed thing who can justify the suicide of a student by spitting out, "She had no voice." Registering the isolation as much as the mania, Neumann makes us think twice about which character is the one possessed. He lifts this production above itself. "
~Larry Bommer, Chicago Reader 1/90

"...Neumann’s slinky portrayal successfully makes Svengali a pathetic victim as well as a sinister villain."
~Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune 1/90

adapted by David Perkins
at Blind Parrot - Oedipus

"...Larry Neumann, Jr. gives a finely controlled and intelligent performance as Oedipus in "Requiem", a project of enormous and fully realized ambition."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times 2/89

by William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare Rep - Iago

"...Larry Neumann Jr. carry’s the play as Iago. In a subtle characterization, he explains the villain’s motivations with amazing logic and wicked humor."
~Lon Grahnke, Chicago Sun-Times 9/88

"...Neumann is a lean insinuating devil, manipulating the characters with the ease of a deft puppet-master. This "Othello" has Neumann’s keen performance to shape it. Actor and role meet here in an energizing union, to the benefit of both the play and the part."
~Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune 9/88

"...The reason Iago can manipulate Othello's doubts into the full-blown fury of groundless jealousy is that, however cold-blooded his cruelties, he's been there himself. Larry Neumann Jr. shows this and more in his intricately devious Iago, the bulwark of this Chicago Shakespeare Company production of Othello. Though sick with hatred, Neumann's villain is not so selfish that he'll keep it to himself. Like Richard III, he's got plans for everyone's downfall, perhaps his own as well--we're talking death wish here. Contorting a face as sharp as his character is cunning, Neumann hatches Iago's plans with devilish relish. As he details his dirty deeds, he wades into the audience, as if wanting our approval for his wickedness. One night he just might trigger a dissent.
~Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader 9/88

by Howard Brenton
at Blind Parrot - Lord George Byron

"...the always fascinating Larry Neumann gives his syphilitic, self-intoxicated Lord Byron an epicene polish...none of this can disguise the not so underlying pain."
~Lawrence Bommer, Windy City Times 3/88


by Len Jenkins
at Blind Parrot - Anton Mesmer

"...Larry Neumann, Jr., an exceedingly strong actor, communicates every ounce of Mesmer’s wit, pain and bewilderment."
~Tony Adler, Chicago Reader 11/87

by Charles Marowitz
at Blind Parrot - Antonin Artaud

"...the play ... features such a shrewd performance by its principal actor that it is quite irresistible. Reed-thin and ghostly pale–with starlit eyes, a demonic, mischievous smile and exquisitely expressive hands, Neumann moves like an acrobat and easily pulls dozens of voices and physical tricks from under his flamboyant bohemian cape. This is a perfectly controlled, deeply intelligent performance."
~Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times, 11/86

"...Larry Neumann Jr. here emerges as one of the best and most promising young actors in Chicago theatre ... with a fascinating, flamboyantly theatrical series of attitudes that he executes with remarkable facial plasticity, physical agility, verbal elegance, and all-around superb acting techniques, Neumann’s is a performance not to be missed."
~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader, 11/86


by August Strindberg
at Blind Parrot Theatre - Elis

"As the hard-hearted Elis, Larry Neumann Jr. makes the best of his role. In the final scene, Elis is forced to find compassion within."
~Joe Pixlar, Chicago Sun-Times 3/86

by Eugene Ionesco
at Blind Parrot - Jack and Other

" hilarious host of six deft deadbeats and loudmouths played by the incredible versatile Larry Neumann, Jr., an actor to watch like a hawk."
~Lawrence Bommer, Windy City Times /86

by K.C. Helmeid
at Blind Parrot - The Husband

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